Pretty Serious - CGA

Well howdy, there! Been a bit busy lately, so I've been late showing you a few more of Pretty Serious line. Most bloggers have beaten me to the punch already, but I thought CGA hasn't had a lot of love, so here it is! I thought it looked rather spiffy with my new ring. CGA (IBM reference, anyone?) looks pink, but in actuality is more of a lavender/mauve with a delicate light blue flash. This is two coats, but I think maybe I should have done three as I can see a little bit of VNL in these pics. The application is easy and it dries nice and fast, too. Ooh, so pretty! I'm not much of a pastel pink/mauve kind of person, but this was a really nice surprise. Now I want to try the matching lip gloss, too! Another shot with the ring, cos they make such a good team. Kaz hits it out of the ballpark, again! She made me like pastels! You can get CGA (and it's matching lip gloss and eyeshadow fashion inspiration) over at Pretty Serious for $9.95.

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