Duty Free

Duty free always suckers me in. I am one of those people that get to the airport painfully early due to fear of having to run through to catch my plane (been there, done that) so I had plenty of shopping downtime. Pink champagne, a new Smythson's notebook (I am one of "those people" that make lists of things to do). A little Tiffany bracelet... the small black onyx beaded bracelet. It's dainty, light and I haven't taken it off. My one regret is perfume related... I have completely given in to my perfume love and will be doing a short course for perfume geeks next year - I am that into it... but I sprayed two Miller Harris scents: Fleur Oriental and Coeur de Fleur. I got on the plane and kept smelling one arm. It was an amazing fragrance but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was. It was floral but with an intriguing depth and I must have it. A trip to her store in Mayfair is already on the cards...

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