Promises of Spring's Come Back

Every year, I'm craving for Spring to be back. I always felt I was never born to live autumns and winters. We're slowly attaining the end of February. Strange month of lost memory. I never remember February and I have no souvenir of something happening to me during this time in my life. We're at more than six months of constantly grey sky and it was starting to get a dent on my general moods and my apparently unbreakable mute optimism. It's been almost a decade that I'm randomly repeating inside my head that I'm leaving everything to install and definitely live in Los Angeles. I also feel this way when the summer is sunless. Obviously, L.A. is just an unattainable dream for so many practical reasons but it's one of those maintaining me in hope. Just like the promise of spring's come back. I was happy to see some days ago that the crocus flowers were in bloom. We also had the first day of full sun of the year. Cold still, but sunny nonetheless. Birds have started to sing joyfully again. It is as if everything was slowly going out of torpor and I really don't need more to feel a bit happy. Just a post showing some photos I took on this sunny day. It's all about flowers. Just looking at them makes me feel good and happier.

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