It was difficult, but I'm trying to get used to wearing my nails without something Konaded over top. I keep telling myself, I got through 10 years of wearing nail polish without my Konad, it has to be possible. So here I give you Claire's Dream Catcher who looks exactly like Chanel Jade. Honestly, while applying it, I did not think that I liked it. There was something about the colour that made me think to myself with each brush stroke "Brynne, what the f*ck are you putting on your nails?". But then I finished... added a coat of Seche Vite... And I love it. For the same unknown reasons that I disliked the colour during application. If this is a Chanel Jade dupe like I've been reading all over the internet, then I love Chanel Jade. And actually, compared to my usual amount of nail wear, this is holding up pretty good. I've showered and done a load of dishes and I have 1 tiny chip and some tip wear. Usually I'll have half a nail chip off in one go. I'm almost sad to take this off later today to make way for my weekend manicure. Oh well. Them's the breaks. Ps: The colour is much more vibrant than these pictures suggest. These make it look quite dusty. However I'm not practiced enough with my photo editing program to try to tweak them to the proper shade.