OPI Sparkle-Icious

I believe I've worn OPI's Sparkle-Icious before, however if I remember it correctly I merely used it as a layering polish back then. For new year's eve I wanted to be in the mood for the occasion and used it on it's own. This time I applied 3 coats, 2 coats work as well. Isn't it remarkable? I don't think I've ever tried a glitter polish this tightly packed with glitter. The glitter comes in 3 colours: gold, pink, and blue. In the sunshine it's almost blinding, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that but I'm sure you can all imagine it's wonderful shining glory. The good thing about glitter polishes is that they usually have the most amazing staying power, but I always dread the entire removal procedure. Since this polish had so many glitter particles I imagined it would be a complete nightmare to remove it. Then I came to think of something I've seen in other nail polish blogs, the tinfoil method. Soaked up a few cotton pads, put them on each nail and wrapped them in tinfoil and waited for 5 min. Boy was I surprised when everything came off in one go! I will never ever have to ponder on whether I should wear a glitter polish or not. Thank you, whoever came up with the tinfoil method! I seriously love you!