Chanel - 529 Graphite

My ribcage injury still making me wish I was born a boneless worm (I barely can sleep at night and every slight move is a storm of pain) I really needed something to cheer me up. Going through my dozens (and dozens) of recent (and still untried) purchases, my choice went to Chanel "Graphite". At first you know, I thought only purchasing "Peridot" from the last Chanel collection that I saw here and that's what I did. The choice seemed obvious as "Peridot" was quite destinated to be the standout. But when I saw "Graphite" in person, my vision diametrically changed and the apparently discreet dark grey won me with its mysterious elegance and took the standout place. I grabbed it along with "Quartz" (that looked so flattering on me) which I will also be featuring soon. 

"Graphite" might appear like one more dark grey shimmer (this is what I thought before seeing it) but it's a bit more complex than that. This is a semi sheer (but opaque in 2 coats) dark grey base loaded with intensely sparkling particles. Not a pure black+white grey, it looks to me like it has some golden shimmer giving a slight platinum undertone to the polish. Very unique and warming. The undertones reminds me more of pyrite than graphite material actually but it doesn't matter, it's just me being picky with words again. Whatever happens, I find it immensely chic on my nails. Rock and classy.

The formula of the polish was nothing but easiness. I didn't even need a clean-up. The first coat applied well (even if sheer) and dried fast. So did the second. And finally it was no need for a third coat. Ten minutes after having applied the second coat, I could go frolic carelessly have a cautious walk without fearing a dent on my nails. I'm wearing it here without topcoat, as ever. So far I've had it for 3 days now and still no tip wear. The alchemy has always been fantastic between Chanel polishes and me, yet I know every brand behave completely differently depending the persons. Texture talking, the surface of the polish is very smooth, no feeling of grittiness whatsoever. 

The first day I tested it, I had it on only one nail and as I was outside, surrounded by the fields and the fantastically colored sky of the end of the day, I could see the sunset reflected on my nail. It was grey and blue and purple and pink and orange. That was magic, I wish I could have captured this moment. "Graphite" like a sparkled encrypted mirror captures every light, every shadow, every color and change according to every light. Magic, really magic. There is a lot of pictures, I know. But it's well deserved.

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