Guerlain Terracotta - Sun in The City

As usual, every single year no matter how I swear I will restrain myself... I end up buying everything from the Guerlain's summer Terracotta collection. It's normally the make-up collection I enjoy the most during summer and despite immense shoppers guilt, I never regret anything I buy! Golden Glimmer Powder. This is a soft gold powder highlighter which is hard to photograph but pretty much like a sheer version of what you see in the pan. The powder is shaped with a wave running through it... very pretty! Not as amazing as last year's monoi scented Terra Inca but still lovely to have if you like your true golds.

Brunette & Blonde Bronzer. These swatches do not do the products justice but give you vague idea of the warmth/tone. They are much prettier and more dimensional in real life! These two are deeper versions of the usual blonde and brunette mosaic bronzers. These translate a little darker and more orange toned to skin than the original shades. They were brought out for darker skin types but I'm pretty pale at the moment and they don't look at all muddy or too much on me... I really like them!

Sun Shimmer Highlighter Blush. Two gorgeous, shimmery liquid blushes. One pump gives you a very generous dollop, so remember to apply lightly! You can always layer for intensity. I like to apply these with my fingers. As they are liquid you should really apply them on foundation or clean skin.. not on powder. You can however use a powder product on top once they dry to set them. I like the sheer shimmery color but I would advise not to apply them too central on the face (on the "apple" of the cheeks) as their "flushed" color combined with the shimmer could make you look a bit sweaty in the wrong lighting. Stick to using them on the cheekbone area. I really like both but my favourite is the orange shade!

Jambes De Gazelle. First thing... oh my God this smells amazing! Just like orange blossom! I never thought I would like this type of product as I always find instant tanners a bit hard to apply but once you blend this on your legs (or arms) it really does give you a streak-free, natural, sunkissed color. Love it! It's fool-proof!

Terracotta Touch. Glow Enhancing Perfector. I've bought these before and was thrilled to purchase them again. I use these under my eyes and on top of my cheekbones to add a bit of light. Similar to YSL Touche Eclat these do offer some minimal coverage but they are highlighters not concealers! The golden pigments are invisible which I prefer for this type product. Currently I am pale so using the 01 blondes shade. Can not wait to get a bit of a tan then these will really shine! This is my must-have item from this years collection.

Terracotta Sun Tan Booster, I also bought both sun creams. The SPF30 for the start of summer and the SPF15 for the rest of it. I haven't used them yet but will keep you updated! All I can say is they smell nice and the packaging is nice, generous & travel friendly. All in all a gorgeous collection but I do feel that you need to have a tan to let these products shine to their full potential. Can not wait for summer! Must Haves - Terracotta Touch, Jambes De Gazelle & Sun Shimmer blush in the orange shade. Nice To Have - The pink liquid blush. Skip - Bronzers if you already have one you love and the Golden Glimmer powder wont be for everyone! Has anything from Terracotta caught your eye?